Conrad Office Buildings

Conrad consists of 5 office buildings located in the area of 56th Street and Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Conrad caters to start-up and smaller businesses looking for a good value in office space.


Unit Type Address Sq Ft Rent
5555-002 CR-Office 5555 N. Tacoma Ave. #002 143 $240/mo
5555-005 CR-Office 5555 N. Tacoma Ave. #005 144 $240/mo
5555-013 CR-Office 5555 N. Tacoma Ave. #013 345 $460/mo
5555-203 CR-Office 5555 N. Tacoma Ave. #203 155 $275/mo
5555-204 CR-Office 5555 N. Tacoma Ave. #204 155 $275/mo
2804-B CR-Office 2804 E. 55th Place #B 276 $360/mo
2804-I CR-Office 2804 E. 55th Place #I 224 $330/mo
2700-009 CR-Suite 2700 E. 55th Place 500 $530/mo
Click here to download our application and e-mail the completed application to Jessica Woehler at or fax to 317-253-9604 (Attn: Jessica Woehler).  It is very important that you complete the entire application.
Please see the Space Available listing on this website.
This depends on if we have to make improvements to your space.  Many times the tenants can occupy the space the same day that they sign the lease.
The security deposit is typically one month’s rent.
The landlord is responsible for the building structure and all common areas.  The tenant is responsible for maintaining the interior of their leased space.  Tenants should refer to the lease for more detail.
Each tenant will have signage on their office or suite door and on the building
directory. Tenants in the 56th Street building receive advertising on the building
signage on 56th Street and on their door.
Office and Suite lease terms are 1-2 years.
Tenants have 24 hour access to their suite or office.  The main entrance doors to the buildings
are electronically locked after hours and on weekends.  Tenants will receive an electronic
passcards for access after hours.
Tenants are responsible for paying electric/gas for their leased space.
Water/Sewer are “typically” included.
Tenants have free use of two conference rooms available at the property.
Janitorial service is included on individual offices two times per week.
Suite tenants are responsible for their own janitorial service.
Please see the Space Available listing on this website.

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The Conrad Building and Staff have been the best help to me and my business!! The property is well maintained and it’s good and helpful if you have a small business or any other business that is seeking growth. I will continue my success at the Conrad Building and I will continue to enjoy my stay.

Robert Grays
Supreme Designs

I give Conrad Office Properties the highest recommendation. I've had a wonderful 6 year experience here. It has been hard leaving, but my business takes me out of town. Thank you, I had a wonderful time with you guys.

Craig Wellnitz
Attorney at Law

Conrad Park is the best when it comes to affordable office space. I have a small business and the Conrad fits my budget. Great place to be!